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WHP Cruise Summary Information of section A12

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WHP Cruise Summary Information WOCE section designation A12 Expedition designation (EXPOCODE) 06AQANTX_4 Chief Scientist(s) and their affiliation Peter Lemke, AWI Dates 1992.05.21 – 1992.08.05 Ship POLARSTERN Ports of call Cape Town, South Africa to Puerto Madryn, Argentina Number of stations 115 Geographic boundaries of the stations 34°07.0’’S 58°25.0’’W 17°58.0’’E 70°49.0’’S Floats and drifters deployed 6 drifters Moorings deployed or recovered none Contributing Authors In order of appearance R. Brandt W. Frieden T. Rothe O. Schulze M. Thomas S. Mai T. Viehoff S. Rasenat W. Dierking M. Drinkwater A. Bochert C. Garrity M. Sch röder A. Wisotzki N. Bru nken I. Hansen P. Heil M. Kre yscher S. Moschner N. Ste iner U. Ste rr K. U. Richter H. Die drich K. Bulsiewicz W. Plep H. Rose J. Sultenfuss J. M. J. Hoppema J. J. M. Belgers WHP Cruise and Data Information Instructions: Click on items below to locate primary reference(s) or use navigation tools above. Cruise Summary Information Hydrographic Measurements Description of scientific program CTD - general Geographic boundaries of the survey Cruise track (figure) Description of stations Salinity Floats and drifters deployed Oxygen Moorings deployed or recovered Nutrients CFCs Principal Investigators for all measurements Helium Cruise Participants Tritium Problems and goals not achieved CO2 system parameters Other incidents of note Other parameters Underway Data Information Acknowledgments Navigation References Bathymetry Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) DQE Reports Thermosalinograph and related measurements XBT and/or XCTD CTD Meteorological observations S/O2/nutrients Atmospheric chemistry data Preliminary cruise report May 15, 1995 A. Cruise narrative A.1.a WOCE designation SR2, SR4 A.1.b EXPOCODE 06AQANTX/4 A.1.c Chief scientist Peter Lemke Alfred Wegener Institut fuer Polar und Meeresforschung Postfach 120106

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