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Petar II. Orseolo – Dux Veneticorum et Dalmaticorum

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Publication Date
  • Dužd Petar Ii. Orseolo
  • Mleci
  • Bizant
  • Dalmacija 1000.–1003.


The author analyzes doge Peter II Orseolo’s expedition to Dalmatia in the year 1000 which is known from John the Deacon’s report, looks at the ambiguities of this report and in doing so pays particular attention to the interior affairs of Venice at the time of the expedition and describes the conflict of two tendencies amongst the leading families in Venice: alignment with the German Empire headed at the time by the Candian family or closer connections with Byzantium which was advocated by the Orseolo family. The second option prevailed when Peter II Orseolo came to power, when in close cooperation with Byzantium he undertook a campaign with the Venetian fleet all the way to the island of Korčula. For Byzantium this campaign was very important because of their struggle with Samuil since the goal was to draw away a part of Samuil’s forces to the West but it was also of immense advantage to the Venetians because Byzantium, in order to pay for Venetian intervention, was forced to give up real authority over the Kvarner islands, retaining a mere formal sovereignty over them. As another example of a new powerful presence of the Venetians on the Adriatic the author analyzes the aid which Peter II Orseolo gave to Bari under Byzantine rule in 1003. A precious graphite on an island near the settlement Vieste on Gargano testifies to this aid.

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