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Skills in England 2005 : volume 2 : research report

Learning and Skills Council
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Skills in England 2005: volume 2 - research report Skills in England 2005 Volume 2: Research Report July 2006 Of interest to everyone involved in improving skills and learning opportunities across England Leading learning and skills Skills in England 2005 is presented in three volumes.Volume 1 presents the key messages and an overview of the research findings contained in the other two volumes.Volume 2 is the main research report. It contains separate chapters on the demand for and supply of skills, as well as mismatches between demand and supply. Finally,Volume 3 provides evidence related to regional and local trends. Skills in England 2005 has been produced by the Learning and Skills Council in partnership with the Department for Education and Skills and the Sector Skills Development Agency. i Contents page Preface and Acknowledgements vii Foreword viii para. Section 1: Introduction The Skills Challenge in 2005 1.1 Why Invest in Skills? 1.7 Developments in Skills Strategy 1.14 New Research and Data 1.18 The Economy in 2005 1.20 Meeting the International Productivity Challenge 1.24 ICT Take-up and Productivity Growth 1.31 The Importance of Skills: Why Skills Matter 1.33 But What Skills are Needed? 1.36 Skill Demand 1.43 Skill Supply and International Comparisons of the Skills Problems they Face 1.45 Skill Mismatches: Market Signals and Employers’ Perceptions 1.46 The Future 1.47 Conclusion 1.51 Section 2: The Demand for Skills Overview and Summary 2.1 Introduction 2.11 Drivers of Skill Demand 2.14 Skills and Performance 2.19 Measures of Productivity 2.21 Human resource development and organisational performance 2.32 High-performance workplaces 2.40 Employers’ Perspectives 2.50 Recent Trends in Employment and the Demand for Skills 2.53 Key changes in the demand for skills

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