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An examination into how the films of 'New Hollywood' challenged and subverted classical Hollywood resolution

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This paper will explore the films of 'New Hollywood' and discuss how they subverted classical Hollywood cinema's typical mode of resolution. It will focus on a three-stage model comprising of the 'apocalyptic' ending, the 'ambiguous' ending and the 'unanticipated' ending which will be used to describe the various forms of resolution which were seen in 'New Hollywood'. It will suggest that social contexts such as the American counterculture and the events that shaped America during the 1960s and early 70s influenced the conclusions of the films chosen for this dissertation. It will also explore the industrial contexts that shaped 'New Hollywood' such as the demise of the studio system and the rise of the independent style of filmmaking. In conclusion it will suggest that the films of 'New Hollywood' subverted classical Hollywood's form of resolution and closure and will also suggest that 'New Hollywood' has had an influence on filmmaking in contemporary mainstream Hollywood as seen by the resolutions offered.

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