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Patients' perceptions on clinics service quality

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151Patient’s Perceptions on Clinics Service Quality 8 PATIENT’S PERCEPTIONS ON CLINICS SERVICE QUALITY MOHAMMAD KHAIRUL SHALEH ROHAIZAT BAHARUN INTRODUCTION In Malaysia, the demand for better quality in health service continues to rise in view of the growing population, changes in structure of population due to the increase in the number of the elderly, increase of consumer awareness with the shift of population distribution from rural to urban areas and the rationalization of the industry in this country. These changes forced greater emphasis to improve the healthcare services provided in the country. There are currently 150 government hospitals and 3000 clinics in Malaysia. All the thirteen states in Malaysia have their own government hospitals and government clinics that serve every town and village in the country. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has also approved the licenses of 214 private hospitals and 70 private or NGO-sponsored hemodialysis centers. (UNCTAD 1992). Even though the healthcare industry in Malaysia is not as competitive as compared to other more advanced countries like the United States and Japan, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the healthcare services need not be evaluated. Since Malaysia has started to focus on the healthcare industry as an alternative support industry as their income other than manufacturing industry, therefore there is a need for an evaluation or assessment on the quality of the healthcare services provided in order to make it more competitive. There are numerous researches conducted in the service quality of retail services worldwide. Most of the studies are Chapter 8.indd 151 3/11/09 4:50:20 PM 152 Contemporary Issues in Marketing focusing on customer perceptions and the providers’ expectations on the service quality. However, the number of studies conducted in healthcare services especially in the clinic’s service is less significant. Earlier studies in Thailand showed that healthcare personne

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