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Visual Display of Sound Waves in Two-Dimensional Models

Canadian Acoustical Association / Association canadienne d'acoustique
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  • Design
  • Musicology
  • Physics


At the British Acoustical Society meeting in Loughborough, England, in 1972, there was a demonstration in which the passage of an ultrasonic pulse through water was made visible by a schlieren system using Ronchi grids. That system was used to display the effect of submerged sections of pipes or other shapes on the reflection and transmission of underwater sound. The present project was devised to apply the same principles to display the reflection of sound from the surfaces of an auditorium, using either air or water as the propagation medium in the model. Such a display, which can illustrate focussing effects and excessive delays between arrivals of direct and reflected sound waves, was desired for demonstrations in connection with a proposed course in architectural acoustics and for testing models of halls designed by local architects for the University or other clients.

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