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Biosynthesis of C19 steroids in normal human adrenal tissue.

McGill University
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  • Biochemistry.
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The fundamental discovery by investigators at the Worcester Foundation that perfused bovine adrenals can hydroxylate steroids (1, 2) opened the way for numerous studies concerning the biosynthesis of steroids in endocrine tissue. To catalogue the reported findings which have since been published would not be possible in a thesis. As a result, the survey of the literature in this section will be confined to those reports which are most relevant to the investigations to be described. A number of comprehensive reviews and chapters are referred to which have discussed the biosynthesis of steroids fully (3-12). In addition, this author would like to refer to the excellent review of cholesterol biosynthesis by Tchen (13) and to a survey of the literature on adrenal androgens by Dorfman (5) . [...]

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