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A chicken middle-repetitive DNA sequence which shares homology with mammalian ubiquitous repeats.

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We have identified and sequenced two members of a chicken middle repetitive DNA sequence family. By reassociation kinetics, members of this family (termed CRl) are estimated to be present in 1500-7000 copies per chicken haploid genome. The first family member sequenced (CRlUla) is located approximately 2 kb upstream from the previously cloned chicken Ul RNA gene. The second CRl sequence (CRl)Va) is located approximately 12 kb downstream from the 3' end of the chicken ovalbumin gene. The region of homology between these two sequences extends over a region of approximately 160 base pairs. In each case, the 160 base pair region is flanked by imperfect, but homologous, short direct repeats 10-15 base pairs in length. When the CRl sequences are compared with mammalian ubiquitous interspersed repetitive DNA sequences (human Alu and Mouse Bl families), several regions of extensive homology are evident. In addition, the short nucleotide sequence CAGCCTGG which is completely conserved in ubiquitous repetitive sequence families from several mammalian species is also conserved at a homologous position in the chicken sequences. These data imply that at least certain aspects of the sequence and structure of these interspersed repeats must predate the avian-mammalian divergence. It seems that the CRl family may possibly represent an avian counterpart of the mammalian ubiquitous repeats.

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