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Research on Transmission Performance of the Infrared Glass-Chapter 52

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DOI: 10.1016/b978-008043865-8/50052-0
  • Physics


Publisher Summary The infrared glass introduced in this chapter can transmit all the visible light and most of the infrared light in solar spectrum. It can also reflect the long-wave infrared radiation from indoor objects to prevent the loss of heat, so the purpose of increasing heat and reducing heat loss can be attained. The window pane of buildings is the main component for buildings to get solar energy. It is also the main way to exchange heat with environment. As for the ordinary window pane, it can transmit ail the visible light in solar spectrum, but it does not transmit the infrared radiation. The energy of infrared radiation is 45.71% of the incident solar energy, namely ordinary window pane will lose about 40% of solar radiation energy and this is a serious waste. With enhanced transmitted film, the transmission performances of the windows pane are highly enhanced and rooms of buildings can get more solar energy.

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