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Pyrimidine Derivatives as Environmentally-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors: A Review

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  • Tj Mechanical Engineering And Machinery
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The perpetual quest for more efficient and environment friendly corrosion inhibitors remain a focal point in corrosion control. The use of organic compounds to inhibit corrosion has assumed great significance due to their vast applications in counteracting wastage of ferrous alloys. These compounds have shown great effectiveness for inhibiting aqueous corrosion due to film formation by adsorption on the metal surface. This paper reviews the inhibitive effect of pyrimidine derivatives as corrosion inhibitor. This class of heterocyclic aromatic organic compound has very important theoretical and practical applications. Their effect on the corrosion of metallic alloys was evaluated through assessment of various techniques and articles on their use in various investigations. The corrosion rate was found to be a function of different variables. Due attention was paid to the systematic study of inhibitor action of derivatives with much emphasis on the inhibitor type and functional groups of the molecular structure. The comprehensive discourse presented concludes, that the pyrimidine derivatives fulfill the basic requirements for consideration as an efficient corrosion inhibitor

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