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L'influenza dei fattori socio economici sulle competenze degli studenti italiani. Un'analisi multilevel dei dati PISA 2006

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The influence of social and economic factors on competencies of Italian students. A multilevel analysis of data PISA 2006 - This work aims to investigate the existence and the size of territorial differences in Italian students’ scientific competencies. The "Programme for International Student Assessment" (PISA) survey, carried out by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) three-yearly, is a rigorous and wide international comparative work on fifteen yearold students’ school performance. The survey makes use of very advanced methodologies and allows both to evaluate the students’performance and to gather data about their families and their socio-economic context which, together with several institutional factors, may influence the results of the educational process. Methods and Results The paper provides a multilevel analysis of the way that test scores are associated with individual and family background information and with characteristics of the school of the 15 year old respondents to the survey. Conclusions We find that school level context variables are very relevant and the economicsocial- cultural status plays a very important role to explain the low performance of Southern Italy students. JEL: C3, I21 Keywords: multilevel analysis, OECD-PISA, students assessment, socio-economic context, CIPP model, territorial differences Parole chiave: analisi multilivello, OECD PISA, valutazione degli studenti, contesto socioeconomico, CIPP model, divari territoriali

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