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Еколошке књиге за децу и младе

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The human influence on nature is tremendous. It is specifically meant here the destruction of forests, the melioration, overpopulation of the cities and their enormous industrialization, pollution and human living environment negligence. It is true that there is an ecological crisis worldwide. Our planet’s climate is changing at alarming rates, the acid rain, global warming all point out to this issue. That is way a new ecological awareness is necessary. It is important that younger generations are imbued with the so called ecological ethics. One of the important factors about ecological education of the younger generations is children’s literature. For that reason this paper is a review of modern Macedonian literature for children and youth with an emphasis on those literary works in which the primary place is the ecological thought. This results in children’s affection for nature, animals, and the respect to the elders. Cultivating that kind of affection, children are developing not only ecological humanism and concern about the environment, but also affection for every human being. That guarantees brighter future for all of us.

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