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Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme


With the publication ol issues 1 90 and 191 ol "Quaderns" ol a subject matter both varied and inter-related, the present editorial team seeks to present what we hope will be the beginning ol a new phase in the lile ol the journal. This phase is planned asan alterna t iva which, without renouncing the critica! spi - rit that has characterised "Quaderns" so lar, will ensure greater llexibility in the preparation ol contents anda greater agility in !he treatment ol new developments in the prolession. "Quaderns" will continua to l ollow the basic line ol strategic and selectiva divu lg - ing ol loca l, national and international production, accompanied by critical rellec- tions to loster a deeper knowledge of emerging cultural realities. Similarly, special emphasis will be laid on developing the journal's own discourse. one ol the publica- tion's most positive identity signs. and special attention paid to the field ol new tech- nica l instru ments in order to propitiate the character of renovation implicit in the new editorial line proposed. These themes are structured following a basic, open, flexib le and yet systemised scheme divided into specific sections designad to cove r three large areas. 1. An area ol critica! inlormation (Quaderns Actualitat) devoted to the selectiva divulging ol built works symptomatic o f the curren! reality ol the discipline (Recent Work) and to texts wh ich reflect u pon different events at home and abroad such as competitions. seminars and exhibitions (Criticism - Opinion). 2. An area ol theoretical reflection (Quaderns Documents) oriented towards the specific analysis of !hose subjects of special relevan ce in the sphere of contemporary culture and presen tad in the lorm either o l theoret ical rellections (Positions). projects of special significance in terms of what they pro pose (Propositions) and essays deal- ing with historical experiences revisited or w ider areas o l research (Dossier) . 3 . An area of technical resear

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