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Investigation of semileptonic B meson decays to p-wave charm mesons

McGill University
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  • Elementary Particles And High Energy.
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This thesis presents an investigation of semileptonic B meson decays with a narrow P-wave charm meson in the final state. The data sample consists of 3.29 x 106 BB¯ events collected with the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron-positron Storage Ring. The P-wave charm mesons are reconstructed in the chain of decays: D0J→D*+p- ,D*+→D0p+,D 0→K-p+ or D0→K-p+p 0 . Study of the decay B-→D*+p0&ell; -n&ell;&d1; reveals useful information about the deficit observed in inclusive charm semileptonic B decays and the effective couplings of the W boson to heavy quark mesons. The results obtained for the exclusive semileptonic product branching fractions are BB-→D0 1&ell;-n&ell; &d1;B D01→D*+p - = (0.373 +/- 0.085 +/- 0.052 +/- 0.024)% and BB-→D*0 2&ell;-n&ell;&d1; BD*0 2→D*+p- < 0.16% (90% C.L.). The assumption BD01→D* +p- = 67% and BD*02→D *+p- = 20% implies BB-→D01 &ell;-n&ell;&d1; (0.56 0.13 +/- 0.08 +/- 0.04)% and BB-→D*0 2&ell;n&ell;&d1; < 0.8% (90% C.L.). These results indicate that at least 18% of the total B semileptonic rate is still unaccounted for by the observed exclusive decays, B&d1;→D0&ell;- n&d1;&ell;, B&d1;→D*&ell;n &d1;&ell;,B&d1; →D1&ell;n&d1; &ell;, and B&d1;→D*2 &ell;n&d1;&ell; . Furthermore, the first measurement of the q 2 spectrum for B-→D01&ell;n &d1;&ell; is presented. The present analysis also suggests that the Λ QCD/mQ corrections beyond the HQS prescriptions might be significant in the theoretical treatment of the dynamics of B semileptonic decays to excited charm mesons.

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