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LOWRAD 96; Methods and Applications of Low-Level Radioactivity Measurements; Proceedings of a Workshop Rossendorf/Dresden, 7-8 November 1996

Forschungszentrum Dresden
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FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM ROSSENDORF e.V. VEREIN FÜR KERNVERFAHRENSTECHNIK UND ANALYTIK ROSSENDORF e.V. Methods and Applications of Low-Level Radioactivity Measurements PROCEEDINGS OF A WORKSHOP ROSSENDORF I DRESDEN, 7 - 8 NOVEMBER 1996 Chaired by H. Nitsche (FZR) and S. Niese (VKTA) Editor: J. Fietz (FZR) F29R - 3170 March 1997 Table of Contents Preface I. Analysis of and Influence on Background Spectra Chairperson: D. Mouchel Analysis of Background Components in Ge-Spectrometry and their Influence on Detection Limits G. Heusser; M&lanck-Institute Jur Kernphysik Heidelberg, Germany Analysis of Background of Low-Level ßly - Systems P. Theodorsson; Universis of Iceland, Reyuavik, Iceland Germanium Crystal Dimensions and their Influences on the Observed Peak-to- Background Distributions K Wahl, K. König; GSF-Forschungszentrum fir Umwelt und Gesundheit, Neuherberg, Germany Low Background Germanium Detectors; fiom Environmental Laboratory to Underground Counting Facility M. Ceuv-vens, J. Verplancke, 0. Tench; Canberra Semiconductor N. E, Olen, Belgium 11. Underground Laboratories Chairperson: G. Heusser The IRMM Low-Level Underground Laboratory in HADES D. Mouchel, R. Wordel; Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Geel, Belgium Low Background Ge Spectrometry at Gran Sasso Underground Laboratories W. Preusse, C. Bucci, C. Arpesella; Istifnto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Gran Sasso, h a l y Low-Level Counting Techniques in the Underground Laboratory "Felsenkeller" in Dresden S. Niese, M. Köhler; E T A Rossendorf e. V., Germany 111. Design of Low-Level y-SpectromeXers Chairperson: S. Niese Two Low-Level Gamma Spectrometry Systems of the IAEA Safeguards Andytical Laboratory J. L. Parus, W. Raab, D. Donohue, V. Jansta; UEA, Vienna, Austria Page 1 Design and Applications of an Anticoincidence Shielded Low-Background Gamma-Ray Spectrometer H. Petry; Forschungszentrum Jülich (KFA), Germany Experienc

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