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Preliminary Step Towards Wire-Driven Parallel Suspension Systems for Static and Dynamic Derivatives of the Aircraft in Low-Speed Wind Tunnels

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The wind tunnel test is one important way to obtain the aerodynamic derivatives of aircrafts. These derivatives are necessary when the guidance and control systems of the aircraft are designed and when the dynamic quality of the aircraft is analyzed as well. The results of experiments of the static derivatives and dynamic derivatives of the aircraft in low-speed wind tunnels have revealed that there are some unavoidable drawbacks such as the interference of the streamline flow brought about by the strut in the traditional strut suspension system. A cable-mounted system is very suitable for experiments of the static derivatives of an aircraft, but it cannot be used in the experiments of dynamic derivatives. In order to use the same wire-driven parallel suspension system to realize the static and dynamic derivates experiments in low-speed wind tunnels, a survey of the research work addressed within the Wire-Driven Parallel Suspension Systems (WDPSS-8) project is presented in this paper. The results show that WDPSS-8 can be successfully used in experiments of static derivatives, and that it has potentiality to be used in experiments of dynamic derivatives. In the issues in the theoretical aspect the issues have been handled. However, much work should be done in the experimental aspects. The research outcomes of WDPSS-8 will help the Chinese set up Chinese brands in the field of wind tunnel tests of aircrafts.

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