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Relationship between Exercise Style and Bone Mineral Density in Male High School Students : From a viewpoint of Exercise History and Competence

  • Bone Mineral Density
  • High School Students
  • Exercise Experience
  • Exercise Competence
  • Exercise History
  • 骨密度
  • 高校生
  • 運動習慣
  • 運動有能感
  • 運動経歴
  • Ndc:780
  • Musicology
  • Physics


The bone quality values (OSI) of 119 male high school students were evaluated by acoustic osteo screener. The questionnaire survey on the exercise experience and competence was made from the term of elementary to high school. The relationship between exercise experience and bone mineral density was researched.Result showed that the students who made regular exercise had higher OSI values than that who had not exercise customs. The values of OSI produced higher value within the participants who had longer exercise history and the higher intensity level of exercise.It showed the very important period for the high school students that accumulate bone mineral density from a regular physical exercises and high-level exercise competence.

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