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Increasing Gini Coefficients of Gross World Product

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 This note reports the Lorenz distribution of gross world product among the decile groups of world population according to gross national product per capita. The period accounted extends from 1969 to 1990. Data were mainly taken from World Tables 1991, and The World Bank Atlas for each year, prepared by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The remaining unoffered figures were estimated by the author. Naturally, the figures are not satisfactorily accurate. So the presented figures are subject to continuous revision, as the additional data becomes available.  Nevertheless, the author likes to point out that there is a steadily increasing trend toward inequality in the gross national product per capita among the world population. The calculated Gini coefficients increase from 0.6576 in 1969 to as high as 0.7275 in 1990. The series of the coefficients seems to be under the influence of the two oil-shocks in the seventies.  The realized increasing rate of the coefficients may have been reduced from the one which should be when there were no official and non-official development assistance of more-developed countries to less-developed ones. But such assistance is not likely to level the series down in the future. Because almost all of the former high-income countries are already suffering from imbalance in both intersectorial and international payments, as well as accelerating environmental pollution.

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