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disciplinary sense, by his chapters on medical negligence, consent, certification, and the doctor's duty to his employer. Further chapters enlighten us on compensation, the Coroner and the Courts, and the duties of a doctor at the scene of death. There is an interesting, albeit brief, discussion on the topical issue of organ transplantation. In the clinical chapters of the book Dr. Knight deals in a most interesting way with sudden natural and unnatural death, wounds, motor vehicle injuries, asphyxia, drowning, sexual and allied offences, etc. These are useful contributions on such important current issues as suddent infant death ("cot death"), the battered baby syndrome, the drinking driver, drug legislation and the legal aspects of mental disorders. The book concludes with a summary of the major changes in death certification and coroner's procedure recommended by the Brodrick Committee in their long-awaited report. (No action has as yet been taken by the Government so that the proposed changes, many of which have aroused controversy, are still pending). No photographs are to be found within the book but their absence is more than compensated for by a series of original and somewhat novel diagrams, which go far towards summarising the subject matter of the text. These should prove particularly pleasing to the student reader! Throughout, the book is concise, practical, well-written and, above all, interesting. It should be read by every senior student, indeed by every doctor regardless of his particular interest or speciality, since in these days of increasing litigation, coupled with a decline in the teaching of forensic medicine, the potential for costly mistakes is indeed great. Moderately priced at £3.00, the book offers good value for money. My personal hope is that in the editions which must surely follow, the author may be persuaded to consider in greater depth some of the fascinating topical issues to which he has introduced us in his first edition. D.J.L.C. AN INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN

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