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Scripted Installation-Chapter 5

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-159749194-5.00005-9


Publisher Summary This chapter introduces the scripted installation method as a fast, efficient, and sure way to provision ESX hosts. Setting up the scripted installation correctly makes the process run smoothly and provides one with a very satisfactory experience. As a result, one will likely choose this method over any other for setting up ESX hosts that have similar configurations. One can set up the script—a Kickstart configuration file—based on parameters one would normally select during an ESX server installation. If one wants the exact configuration of the ESX server where the Kickstart file is being set up, then one has to make the same choices that were made when one was building it originally. After the Kickstart file has been set up, one has two options for building the new ESX servers: from the new ESX server, insert the ESX Server installation CD in the local CD-ROM, or install ESX Server across the network from the installation files hosted on another ESX server. The second option is convenient if the data center or server room is geographically remote. Additionally, the scripted installation method can run unattended. However, like any unattended install of software, if something goes wrong, one will be prompted to respond, and the install will hang until one does so. This chapter explains in detail how one can create the script and install the remote network.

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