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Studies on the Phosphate Metabolism in the Seminal Vesicles Report 3 The Effects of ACTH on the Phosphate Metabolism

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The effects of ACTH on phoshhate metabolism in the seminal vesicles were reported. The experiments were carried out as well stated as in report 1 and the results were as followed. 1. With continuous administration of ACTH, RNA and DNA showed the highest levels at three hours after the administration of ACTH in both tissues. 2. On the effects of castration, RNA levels showed the highest at 3-5 hours after the administration of ACTH in both tissues and the results showed much differences between intramuscular and seminal vesicles administrations. 3. On the effects of adrenalectomy, RNA levels showed the highest at 3 hours with cortisone therapy, whereas the highest levels at one hour with no cortisone therapy. On DNA levels, much differences could be found between cortisone therapy and no cortisone therapy.

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