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Beginning Farmers in North Dakota

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A g i c lt r a E c n m c R e o r N o . 2 4 A u u s 1 9 89- -- North Dakota State University * Fargo, ND 58105-5636 I Il' ii I . I d I I I I · , I 'I I 1' I · lss F. Larry Leistritz, Brenda L. Ekstrom, Janet Wanzek, and imothy L M ensen F. Larry Leistritz, Brenda L. Ekstrom, Janet Wanzek, and Timothy L. Mortensen Agricultural Economics Report No. 249 August 1989 I Acknowledgments A number of people and organizations have graciously given of their time and talents to help us compile and analyze the data in this report. Our appreciation is expressed first to the Agriculture and Rural Economics Division of the Economic Research Service (USDA) and the Center for Rural Revitalization (NDSU Extension) for providing partial financial support for the project and to Fred Hines and Arlen Leholm of those respective organizations for their encouragement throughout the course of the study. A special thanks goes to the 175 North Dakota beginning farm operators who provided us with information to help us all better understand current economic conditions in agriculture and the strategies used by new farming entrants. Our thanks also go to Deb Pankow (NDSU Home Economics Extension), David Saxowsky (NDSU Department of Agricultural Economics), Arlen Leholm (NDSU Extension Center for Rural Revitalization), and Rita Hamm (Texas A&M Department of Rural Sociology) for their assistance in designing the survey and study procedures. Our appreciation is next extended to our outstanding crew of surveyors who gave up many nights to enable us to reach the farm operators: John Leholm, Hollis Erdmann, Jackie Schell, Leann Rage, Maureta Studebaker, Julie Fedorenko, Sue Nettum, and Jeanne Lillestol. Next we thank the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, the North Dakota Extension Service, and their professional and support personnel. In particular, we thank our typists Cindy Schuler and Mama Unterseher, and our colleagues in the Department of Agricultural Economics for their helpful reviews and s

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