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40 Years After the My Lai Massacre: Re-Examining the Act of a War Crime Committed by the US Army

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)
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  • My Lai Massacre
  • War Crime
  • Us Army
  • Vietnam
  • Vụ Thảm Sát Mỹ Lai
  • Tội ác Chiến Tranh
  • Hồ Sơ
  • Quân đội Mỹ
  • Việt Nam


During the last four decades the My Lai Massacre has been dealing with in many studies on the history of the so-called "The Vietnam War". However, most of studies on My Lai were focused on the description of the event and the stories concerning the Court-Matial against some officers and soldiers who committed in this famous war crime. In this article, the author provides firstly a brief description of the massacre. He then analyzes the process through which the massacre was uncovered and brought to the court-matial. Finally, the author analyzes and points out the origins of the war crimes committed by the US Army during the Vietnam War.

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