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Chromosome studies in ten testicular tumours.

British Journal of Cancer
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480 CHROMOSOME STUDIES IN TEN TESTICULAR TUMOURS CAROLYN C. RIGBY From the Department of Pathology, St. Paul's Hospital, London, W.C.2 Received for publication May 27, 1968 ALTHOUGH no chromosome karyotypes specific to solid tumours have so far been reported, most human malignant tumours studied have had aneuploid chromosome complements (Spriggs, Boddington and Clarke, 1962; Yamada, Tagaki and Sandberg, 1966; Miles, 1967). The role of chromosomes in the malignant process is still uncertain, and changes gross enough to be detected by current methods may be a result rather than a cause (Hauschka, 1961; Sandberg, 1966). However such changes do characterise the progression of tumour growth, and hence are relevant to the study of malignancy. The techniques for direct karyotyping of solid tumours are slow, and for this reason the series reported are usually small. MATERIALS AND METHODS Metaphase chromosome counts and karyotypes were analysed in 10 testicular tumours. Tissue was obtained as fresh as possible by attendance in the operating theatre whenever possible. If the delay before receiving the tissue was greater than 30 minutes after excision there was noticeable deterioration in the quality of the preparations and in the number of suitable metaphases isolated. Small pieces of tissue, about 1 cm. in diameter, were chopped with scissors to give a fine suspension in 5 ml. of tissue culture medium 199 (Glaxo). This cell suspension was incubated at 370 C. for 1 hour after the addition of Colcemid (Ciba) 4 /tg./ml. The cells were then transferred to 0 95 % sodium citrate for 15 minutes before fixation in acetic-methanol 1: 3. Slides were prepared by air-drying (Rothfels and Siminovitch, 1958) and stained in 1 % lacto-aceto-orcein. Metaphases were selected and photographed by phase microscopy. Chromosomes were counted in 50 separate metaphases, and karyotypes were prepared from 10 in each tumour. RESULTS Histograms were prepared from chromosome counts in each metaphase selected (Fig. 1-3). Eac

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