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Development of Gaeseong Industrial Complex and Settlement of Commercial Disputes

국제고려학회 서울지회
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  • 개성공단
  • 분쟁해결
  • 남북중재협력
  • 중재
  • Gaeseong Industrial Complex
  • Dispute Settlement
  • South-North Arbitral Cooperation
  • Arbitration
  • Design
  • Economics


To realize the spirit of the South-North Joint Declaration of June 15, 2000, the authorities concerned of south and north Korea have reached an agreement titled "Agreement on Settlement Procedure of Commercial Disputes" on December, 2000, under which south-north authorities have to set up the South-North Arbitration Commission which is becoming vital importance for settlement of the south-north Korea's commercial disputes including the Gaeseong industrial Complex. Gaeseong, a city surrounded by the north korean military and a symbol of inter-Korea tensions, is now turning into a peace zone where thousands of North and South Koreans are Working side by side. The Gaeseong Industrial Complex project, driven by the logic and economic necessity of cooperation, has been steadily moving forward since the North designated it as a special economic zone and has enacted related laws and regulations for its development. Under the situation, the writer in this paper reviewed the settlement mechanism of commercial disputes arising from the operation and management of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex. Also, the writer brought up the south-north Korea's cooperative tasks to promote settlement of the Complex disputes, including cooperation between south-north Korea's arbitral institutions under DPRK's domestic laws as well as south-north Korea's agreements for settlement promotion of commercial disputes

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