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Study on the postcolonialism and Regional literature

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  • 탈식민주의
  • 김정한
  • 송기숙
  • 지옥변
  • 은내골 기행
  • Anthropology


This is a postcolonial criticism in which <Jiok-byun> of Kim Jung-han and 《A Travel to Eonnae-kol》 of Song Ki-sook who are the representative writers of Youngnam and Honam Provinces respectively. Kim Jung-han's novel urges postcolonialization through reporting the confused social conditions caused by not liquidating vestiges of Japanese colonialism after the liberation from Japan while Song Ki-sook's reflects the contradiction of vestiges of Japanese imperialism which have not been liquidated for the 30 years since liberation from Japan in connection with President Park Jung Hee's Revitalizing Reforms dictatorial system. Kim Jung-han restricts the report to criticism of the failure of postcolonialization while Song Ki-sook covers not only the report and criticism of the failure of postcolonialization but also tries to suggest ideas for postcolonialization. These phenomena are considered to result not from the difference between the two writers' sense of postcolonialization but from the difference between the two novel's publication time including the historical period of the two novels' backgrounds. The two novels recall the contradiction of postcolonialism exercising an even more delicate and complicated influence in the postcolonial period. And they also make it recognized that postcolonialization is possible not by trying to erase the memory of colonial ruling but only by throughly searching for those colonial vestiges in order to disclose their identities and fighting against them.

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