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Woman Subculture Development Seen from Woman Language

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  • Woman Subculture
  • Woman Stereotype
  • Gender Role
  • Woman Language
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Mathematics


The woman subculture study is widely conducted through several decades since the beginning of the second wave feminist movement in 1960s. This paper intends to explain the woman subculture development in view of the woman language. First, it gives the definition of subculture. Second, it explains why woman culture is considered as a subculture. Third, with reference to sociolinguistic studies of woman language, it offers further clarification of some important feminist theories like gendered knowledge, standpoint theory and muted group theory. Also some key conceptions which are closely tied to woman subculture are expounded through the analysis of woman language. Last, the paper explains how woman subculture is transmitted through feminist theories and literary criticism works and how it is divided into three phases.

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