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Representing the Local Interests in Governmental Policy Making. The Romanian Experiment

  • Law
  • Political Science


The paper aims the analysis of mechanisms related to representation of territorial interests at national level in formulation, implementation and evaluation of governmental public policies by involving local actors, local government associations (National Association of Municipalities, National Association of Towns, National Association of Communes) in Romania. The paper is conceived on three major topics, represented in Romanian governmental institutional structures, on: 1. Levels represented in public policy making process, on one hand, territorial- administrative levels, national, county and local level (municipality, town, commune), and, on the other hand, the political, legislative, executive and consultative level. 2. Developments of public policy system, from the analysis of the Romanian legislative and institutional framework to practices, turning into account the institutional and legislative approach on public policies. 3. National and local actors, roles, illustrated in a study on a local structure level. The elaboration of the matrix of stakeholders in finalising, elaborating, implementing and evaluating public policies will represent the conclusions of this paper.

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