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How to Plan and Evaluate the Work of Computer Centers

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Our country's computer potential is increasing at a rapid rate. Our aggregate computer capacities increased more than fourfold under the Tenth Five-Year Plan compared with the preceding five-year plan. There was a concurrent increase in the number of computer centers as the major organizational form in which computers are used. Computer centers (which now number almost 4,000) have become mass-type organizations. The majority of them serve the more than 5,000 automated control systems of different classes and designations. Under the last five-year plan, a number of branches in the national economy allocated up to 3 % of the capital investments in the development of the branch for the formation of computer centers and automated control systems. Quantitative growth is accompanied by the concentration and centralization of the computerized production of information, by its integration, by the creation of group and collectively used computer centers based on large multicomputer complexes.

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