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Development of new growth areas. Workers co-operatives and their environment: Comparative analysis with a view to job creation. Support for workers co-operatives in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and The Netherlands. Programme of research and actions on the development of the labor market

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PROGRAMME OF RESEARCH AND ACTIONS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LABOUR MARKET ;.Jc '• i/- DEVELOPMENT OF NEW GROWTH AREAS - " WORKERS CO-OPERATIVES AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT : COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS WITH A VIEW TO JOB CREATION " By : Marianne Rigge & Michael Young M~tual Aid Centre,'London of\} "-S Study 81/39 For : The,Commission of the European Communities collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box ~ OF RESEARCH AND ACI'IONS CN THE I>EVEUlPMENl' OF THE lABOUR MARKET By: SUPPORt' FOR WORKER Co-oPERAT~ IN 'lHE UNITED KilGXM REPUBLIC. OF I ilRELAND. NE1'HERIANDS Marianne Rigge & Michael Young Mutual Aid Centre, !aldan For: CCmnissicn of the Eurq?ean Ccmnunities collsvs Text Box '!be research en which these :~:eports were based was f~d by the CCmnission- of the European Ccnm.mities as part of its Programne of Research and Actions on the Develcptent of the Labour Market. The analysis and conclusioos am . the responsibility of the authorS~. '!hey do not necessarily reflect any views held within· the Ccmni.ssion of the European Ccmnunities nor do they ccmn:lt it to a particuiar view of the Labour market or en any other· policy matters. Fnquiries relating tO the study should be addressed to the Dil:ectar~te GenercU of &tployrcent, Social-Affairs and Education,· Division V/A/1, Ccmnissicn of the European Ccmnunities, 200 rue de 1a Ioi, 1049 ·Brussels, Belgium. I Preface This is a supplementary report to the European Ecxncmic -Cmmmity and in particular to the Director General for &rploynent, Social Affairs and Educaticn,. -en the subject of worker co-operatives - suPPlercentary in the sense that the Mutual Aid Centre, in oollaboratioo with TEN, Cooperative de Cooseils, has already sul:Jnitted a full repm: t en the same. subject entitled~ for workers' c;o-c>Perati ves in Europe· (v /l9~ ~neoetil.ii" 1981) • 1llat emerged fran that first :r:eport was that suax>rt organisaticms, to us

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