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Computer simulations of the phase transformation in real alloy systems based on the phase field method

Materials Science and Engineering A
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/s0921-5093(00)01896-7
  • Computer Simulation
  • Phase Transformation
  • Phase Field Method
  • Fe–Mo
  • Al–Zn
  • Fe–Al–Co


Abstract The kinetic simulation based on the non-linear diffusion equation becomes a very powerful method in fundamental understanding of the dynamics of phase transformation with recent remarkable development of the computer. In the present study, we calculate the dynamics of microstructure changes in real alloy systems, i.e. Fe–Mo, Al–Zn and Fe–Al–Co based on the phase field method. The composition dependencies of atomic interchange energy are taken into account so as to be applicable for the phase diagram of the real alloy systems. The elasticity and mobility of atoms are assumed to depend on the local order parameters such as the composition, the degree of order, etc. Time dependent morphological changes of the microstructure such as formation of modulated structure by spinodal decomposition, strain induced morphological changes of precipitates, the order–disorder phase transition with phase decomposition will be demonstrated. The results simulated are quantitatively in good agreement with the experimental results in the real alloy systems.

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