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A Orquestra de Cordas infanto-juvenil como instrumento metodologico na educação musical

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  • Orquestra De Cordas
  • Percepção Auditiva
  • Proposta Pedagogica
  • Didatica
  • Strings Orchestra
  • Auditory Perception
  • Pedagogica Proposal
  • Didactics
  • Education
  • Musicology


This research has a purpose to allow a new approach to the string orchestra for kids. It is not a method to teach a class but conduced practical exercises, allied to a process of a pedagogical and didactical plan in which the repertoire is not the only reason, but the result of a teaching-learning process where the string orchestra becomes a tool to develop the student’s musical perception by the interaction with the group. The first chapter deals with the importance and the necessity of pedagogy in music education, with the pedagogical proposals of the main scholars, (Piaget, Vygotsky, Wallon), the pedagogical proposals of the main studious (Roussseau, Pestalozzi, Herbart, Frobel), and with the contribution of the music educators (Dalcrose, Kodály, Willems, Orff and Suzuki) to substantiate the elaboration of the conducted studies on chaptter II. The second chapter consists on the practical exercises presentations to string orchestra, aimming to improve the student’s musical perception in a group. The proposed studies were formulated for specific purposess, tested in an experimenttal children string orchestra, selected, correctted and organized in a didactical formula as follows: preparatory studies, directed studies for the harmonic issue, directed studies for the rhythm matter and directed studies for to the bow technique. Finally the third chapter broachees the rehearsal dynamics, the plan and evaluation on the teaching-learning process, and the use of the repertoire as a way to the student’s musical education.

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