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A theory-driven evaluation of a wellness initiative

University of Cape Town
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  • Organisational Psychology


Every programme whether it be in a social, human resources or training context has a programme theory. This theory is a set of underlying assumptions about the particular programme. These assumptions are usually causal hypotheses which propose how the inputs of the programme will eventually result in the intended outcomes of the programme. The role of a theory-driven evaluation is to extract this theory from the programme stakeholders and to develop what Bickman (1987) describes as a programme theory model, "the construction of a plausible and sensible model of how a programme is supposed to work" (p.5). This research report uses the programme theory-driven evaluation approach to develop a programme theory for the Newlands Wellness Model (NWM). The NWM is a wellness initiative offered by the South African Breweries' (SAB) Newlands Brewery to their employees with the aim of enhancing employee health.

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