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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to John Z. Bowers

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SECTION I DEPARTMENT OF LEAVf BLANK (For PHS Off iw Use OnlYI HEALTH. EDUCATION, AND WELFARE TYPE I PROGIAM NUMRRR PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE 1 PO7 FR 00311-01 REvlfw GROUP FORMEBLV COM APPLICATION FOR RESEARCH GRANT COUNCIL (Mm.& Yew) DATf RfCElVfD Mar. 66 10/4/65 ecr :r.* .;. APPLICAHT CODf 0 CODR TO BE COMPLETED BY PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR utrmr I rhwrh P mtd 17~1 1. ARBRIVIATED TlTtR OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL [Do mm exceed 53 qprwire, sD,,cr,) -NEW PROJECT q RRVISION OF PHS APPLlCAlION NO. 3. DATES OF RNTIRE PROPOSED PROJECT PRRIOD (Thk appucorioa) ROM THROUGH April 1, 1966 March 31, 1971 0 RENEWM OF PllS GRANT NO. 0 SUPPLRMENT TO PH5 GRANT NO. 4. TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTRD FOR PERIOD IN ITEM 3 $2,763,407 5, AMOUNT REQUESTED FOR FIRST I I -MONTH PERIOD $522,334 6A. NAME OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Lnrt. First. Initial) Lederberg, Joshua H. MAILING ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR IStreet, C&Y, StaIe, Zip Code) Department of Genetics Stanford University School of Medicine . 4y School of Medicine Chairman, Computer Policy Committee 1. DEPARTMRNT :. DEPARTMENT, SERVICE, LABORATORY O R EQUlVALENT School of Medicine (Ser Inmruccions) 8. ADDRESS WHERE RESEARCH Wltt RE CONDUCTED lif ram as km 6th duck bozl 0 Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine ti Palo Alto, California 5. MAJOR SURDIVISION (See Tnsrrrnianr) 94304 Stanford University School of Medicine 9. ARE FEDERAL FACILITIES TO BE USED FOR THIS RESEARCH? ZEa N O 0 YES % OF TIMR TO BE COMPLETED BY GESPONSIBLE ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITY (~rmtr 10 throvlh IS and 17BI 10. APPLICANT ORGANIZATION iName and Address-Srrecc, Cur, Strrc. Zip Code) ISee Inscructionr) 12. TYPE OF ORGANIZATION (Check applicabk item) a INDIVIDUAL PUBUC INSTITUTIONB Stanford University Stanford, California 94305 0 FEDERAL q STATE /-J LOCAL 0 OTHER PRIVATE INSTlTUTlONr a NONPROFIT, 0 PROFIT 13. NAME AND TITLE OF OFFICIAL SI

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