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Non-stoichiometry in organic fluorides and phases with fluorite structure

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Crystal and molecular structure of retamine bromide, C15H16N2O · Br CRYSTAL AND MOLECULAR STRUCTURE OF RETAMINE BROMIDE, C15H26N2O. Br M. FONT-BARDIA, M. FONT-ALTABA AND X. SOLANS Department of Crystallography , Mineralogy and Mineral Deposits University of Barcelona INTRODUCTION Retamine, an alkaloid contained in Genista Sagitaris, was isolated and chemical studied by I. Ribas Marques and collaborators.' A morphologi- cal, optical and preliminary X-rays study of retamine and its bromide and chloride was carried out by M. Font-Altaba 2 and by J. M. Bosch-Figuc- roa, L. Miravitlles-Mille and M. Font-Altaba.''4 Retamine molecule is transformed into sparteine by hydrogenation, being the difference between them the presence of a hydroxyl group in re- tamine. Our interest is to find its absolute molecular configuration to con- firm that is the oxoderivate (trans-cis) of the C, lupin alkaloids family as was predicted by L. Marton and J. Leonard.' MORPHOLOGY Retamine bromide appears as nice colourless enantiomorphic crystals of tabular habit (100), with a very simple combination of forms (010), (111), (101) and (001), belonging to monoclinic system, point group 2 (fig. 1). 010 Fig. 1. Crustal of retamine bromide. [Butll. Soc. Cat. Cien.], Vol. XII, Num. 2, 1991 266 M. FONT-BARDIA -M. FORT-ALTaBA -X. SOLA.\S Crystals of retamine are very varied in size and thickness, Tieing fre- quently on the face (101), with a very simple combination of forms (001), (011) and (100), belonging to the same monoclinic system, point group 2. Table I. Morphological data of retamine and retamine bromide. Retamine Retamine bromide HKL 4) p HKL P 001 90°00' 15" 07' 100 90° 00' 90° 00' 101 270"00' 28°48' 010 0°00" 90" 00' all 11 ° 15' 54" 08' 001 90° 00' 10" 38' 100 270"00' 90'00' 101 270° 00' 31" 27' 111 223° 33' 41" 35' A:B:C = 1.7137:1: 1.3565 R = 105° 07' OPTICAL PROPERTIES A:B:C = 0.81704:1:0.6440 [i = 100" 38' The orientation of the optical ellipsoid was deter

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