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Pilot-scale experiments for post-combustion CO2 capture from gas fired power plants with a novel solvent

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijggc.2014.09.013
  • Co2 Capture
  • Amine-Based Solvent
  • Gas Fired Power Plants
  • Regeneration Energy Demand
  • Solvent Flow Rate
  • Post Combustion Capture


Abstract Aqueous MEA is the most common solvent used to absorb CO2. Its problem is that the energy required for solvent regeneration and solvent flow rate is high. This work focuses on introducing and developing a novel solvent to reduce both the regeneration energy demand and solvent flow rate. The novel solvent based on the mixture of MEA, TETA, AMPD and PZEA from Abadan Center of Research (ACOR100) was studied and compared to mono-ethanolamine (MEA). For both solvent, the regeneration energy is determined for different solvent flow rates at a constant CO2 removal rate of 90% and a low partial pressure (54mLbar). The optimum numbers for both the regeneration energy and solvent flow rate are found and compared to each other, for each of solvents. The resulting numbers of the ACOR100 indicate a considerable improvement compared to MEA with a reduction of about 25% in the regeneration energy and 27% in the solvent flow rate.

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