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Fast layout data processing and repetitive structure exposure for high throughput e-beam lithography

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  • Datenverarbeitung
  • E-Beam Lithography
  • Elektronenstrahllithographie
  • Hierarchische Layoutbearbeitung
  • Speichermatrix


Constantly growing chip areas, scaling down of pattern sizes, proximity corrections, OPC etc. give rise to an expansion of layout data. The methods of our JENOPTIK universal exposure systems outlined in this paper serve the purpose of drastically reducing the enormous data volumes. ZBA e-beam systems are capable of processing repeated subpatterns down to runtime format. The ZBA-subpatterns may have any complexity and can be positioned randomly or as an array. Subpatterns are exploded by a fast specific hardware in the very last moment of exposure. Using such repetitive structures, data preprocessing, data transfer and data exposure times are considerably reduced. a suitable data preprocessor is described to provide detecting and saving of substructures.

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