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New regulation of providing care for the elderly in the Republic of Slovenia

  • Economics
  • Law


The aim of this paper is to highlight the Slovene and EU regulation of social care service for the elderly from the view of possible implementation of public–private partnerships (PPPs) institutes in this sector. The authors discuss the economic rationale for implementing of PPP in the field of the social public service of providing care for the elderly. The Slovene PPP forms are two-fold: as a special contractually based and as a corporate-based PPP. The former could be a concession agreement or public procurement agreement, while the latter is being a form of a newly established or transformed legal entity. Authors analyse also possible models on how the PPP arrangement would be constituted in the future. The authors conclude this paper with some open questions about the legal status of employees and possible new benefits for the users of this public service according to the implementation of the new regulation.

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