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Measures to prevent emissions of PCDDs/DFs and co-planar PCBs from crematories in Japan

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DOI: 10.1016/s0045-6535(00)00431-8
  • Crematory
  • Pcdds/Dfs
  • Co-Planar Pcbs
  • Emission Control


Abstract In this study, PCDDs/DFs and co-planar PCBs concentrations in flue gases from 17 crematories and in fly ashes and bottom ashes (mainly bone) from several crematories were measured to grasp the present state of PCDDs/DFs emissions from crematories. The effects of several factors were discussed to prevent PCDDs/DFs emissions from crematories. Total concentration (normalized by 12% O 2) of PCDDs/DFs was ranged from 4.9 to 1200 ng/ m 3 N , and toxic equivalent concentration was ranged from 0.064 to 24 ng TEQ / m 3 N . As the results obtained in this research, the following measures to reduce PCDDs/DFs emission are recommended for existing crematories: (1) keeping the temperature at 800°C in main/secondary chambers during a whole cremation, and (2) lowering the temperature in the dust collector. For newly installed crematories, following measures to prevent PCDDs/DFs emission including the measures for existing ones are recommended: (1) connecting one secondary chamber to one main chamber, (2) installing the high efficiency dust collector and reducing dust concentration to less than 0.01 g/ m 3 N , and (3) installing the sampling point for monitoring of PCDDs/DFs.

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