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Driving Safety: Enhancing Communication Between Clients, Constructors and Designers

CRC for Construction Innovation
Publication Date
  • 150312 Organisational Planning And Management
  • 150305 Human Resources Management
  • Worker Safety
  • Construction
  • Clients
  • Constructors
  • Designers
  • Communication
  • Design


This paper, which stems from qualitative research undertaken by the CRC for Construction Innovation in the context of the development of a Guide to Best Practice for Safer Construction in the Australian construction industry, investigates the communication relationship between the client, designer and constructor, and identifies the conditions under which effective communication takes place. Previous research has made little headway with respect to putting into practice strategies that have the potential to improve communication between the client, designer and constructor. This paper seeks to address this ongoing problem. From analysis of client, designer and constructor interviews that form part of industry-selected case studies reflecting excellence in OHS, best-practice tools that have the potential to enhance multi-party communication between the client, designer and constructor are presented. This research also informs the development of workable implementation strategies.

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