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Error estimator and adaptivity for three-dimensional finite element analyses

DOI: 10.1016/s0922-5382(98)80025-1
  • Design


Publisher Summary This chapter proposes and develops procedures that allow one to automatically achieve finite element analyses of complex 3-D structures while respecting the level of accuracy prescribed by the user and minimizing the total cost of computation. Achieving this aim is essential in order for 3-D finite element analyses to be used during the design phase. Two main difficulties must be overcome to reach this aim: (1) controlling the quality of the computations performed and (2) decreasing the human time spent in the computation process by automating the different steps of the computation, especially the mesh generation. The examples presented in the chapter show that it is possible to generate well-adapted 3-D meshes with entirely automated procedures. The chapter presents a procedure that allows obtaining adapted meshes in 3-D with an automatic surface mesher that is able to respect a map of sizes, an automatic 3-D mesher, and a postprocessor for the control of finite element analyses.

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