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Intertidal and Littoral Ecosystems edited by A.C. Mathieson and P.H. Nienhuis

Journal of Coastal Research
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Hook I{eviews Intertidal and Littoral Ecosystems, edited by A.C. Mathieson and P.H. Nienhuis, 1991. Elsevier, Amsterdam-London-New York-Tokyo, 564p., ISBN 0-444-87409-7 (vol. 24, Ecosystems of the World). Price: US $El5.-; Dutch FI :IHO.. The series Ecosystems of the World (in 29 vol- umes) was conceived by Bostwick H. Ketchum of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution who died on July 14,1982, but is being nobly carried on by David W. Goodall of the C.S.l.KO. in Midland, Western Australia. The volumes do not appear in sequence. This one, volume 24, edited by Ma- thieson (University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H.) and Nienhuis (Delta Institute for Hydro- biological Research, Yerseke, The Netherlands). is an outstanding contribution and should be a required purchase for any coastal institute, though the high price may keep it, regrettably, ofl" the shelves of specialists. Although the content is intended mainly for biologists, there is much of value for physical ge- ographers, geomorphologists and indeed any coastal scientist. The volume is multi-authored, divided into 18 chapters, and carries no fewer than five indexes, so that as a future research tool it will be invaluable. The indexes are: list of genera, authors, systematics, geographic, and subject. The first four chapters deal with general-type reviews: 1. Introduction (by the editors); 2. Marine plant ecosystems (Luning and Asmus); :t Chemical Characteristics (Schramm); 4. Vertical Distribu- tion, Zones (Russell). The rest of the volume is devoted to regional topics, which, although global in principle, leave vast gaps, thus: 5. Iceland, es- pecially algae (Munda); 6. Baltic (Wallentinus): 7. Canadian Maritimes and Maine, rocky shores (Mathieson, Penniman and Harris); 8, U.S. Mid- Atlantic, sandy shores (Orth, Heck and Diaz); 9. Caribbean and tropical W. Atlantic (Dawes, Me- Coy, Heck); 10. N.E. Pacific: Aleutians to Baja California (Foster, de Vagelaere, Oliver, Pearse, Harrold); 11. Southern California: rocky coasts (Littler, Murray,

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