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pr03n_cdo WFP Ref. No.: PR3N Last Updated: February 9, 1996 A. Cruise Narrative A.1 Highlights A.1.a WOCE designation PR3N Kofu Maru Cruise KO9210 A.1.b EXPOCODE49KF9210/1 49kf9210/2 A.1.c Chief Scientist Takanori Iwao Hakodate Marine Observatory(HMO) A.1.d Ship R/V Kofu Maru A.1.e Ports of call Ofunato A.1.f Cruise dates November 4 to November 6, 1992 November 12 to November 14, 1992 A.2 Cruise Summary Information A.2.a Geographic boundaries A.2.b Stations occupied A.2.c Floats and drifters deployed A.2.d Moorings deploued or recovered A.3 List of Principal Investigators Table 1. Principal Investigators for All Measurements Name Responsibility Affiliation ----------------------------------------------------- T. Iwao CTD,S HMO N. Kubo Oxygen,Nutrients HMO ----------------------------------------------------- A.4 Scientific Programme and Methods Observations of PR03N (North of 34N of the section PR03) were carried out on board the R/V Kofu Maru in the Cruise KO9210. The ship sailed from Ofunato at 0100 UTC on 3 November 1992. At 1323 UTC on 4 November, we arrived at the southernmost station along the section PR03N and started observation. Since the forecast of the approach of typhoon 9228 and of the passage the low pressure trough, we discontinued temporarily the PR03N observation after the observation at the station KO6269 and went to Ofunato to avoid them. We resume the observation of PR03N at 1434 UTC on 12 November. The cruise track and the location of stations are shown in Figure 1. The performances of the CTD, the multisampler and other instruments were good throughout the cruise. The observation of PR03N was completed 0345 UTC on 14 November. A.5 Major Problems and Goals not Achieved A.6 Other Incidents

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