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Community Affairs in the Federal Reserve System brochure Community Affairs in the Federal Reserve System Community Affairs The Federal Reserve System, through its Community Affairs program at the Board and the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, engages in ongoing outreach, educational, and technical assistance activities to help financial institutions, community-based organizations, government entities, and the public understand and address financial services issues affecting low- and moderate-income persons and communities. The Community Affairs program reflects the structure of the Federal Reserve System. Within the framework of a shared mission and goals, each of the 12 Reserve Banks establishes its own programs and responds to local needs in its District. As part of a nationwide entity, the Community Affairs program has the ability to collaborate on projects, to share information and resources, and to work together to accomplish goals at regional and national levels. Mission The mission of the Community Affairs program of the Federal Reserve System is to support the System’s economic growth objectives by promoting community development and fair and impartial access to credit. Federal Reserve System The System’s Community Affairs program seeks to achieve the following goals through a broad range of activities. Foster the active engagement of depository institutions in providing credit and other banking services to their entire communities, including traditionally underserved markets. • Facilitate and provide technical assistance for the formation of community development corporations, lending consortia, and other partnerships. • Develop and present training programs on methods and financing for affordable housing and economic development. Encourage cooperation among community organizations, government agencies, financial institutions, and other community development practitioners to their mutual benefit. • Provide

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