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Phenomenological study of the interplay between IR-improved DGLAP-CS theory and the precision of an NLO ME matched parton shower MC

Annals of Physics
DOI: 10.1016/j.aop.2014.07.030
  • Dglap-Cs Theory
  • Ir-Improvement
  • Nlo Mc Precision
  • Shower/Me Matching
  • Heavy Gauge Boson Production
  • Philosophy
  • Physics


Abstract We present a phenomenological study of the current status of the application of our approach of exact amplitude-based resummation in quantum field theory to precision QCD calculations, by realistic MC event generator methods, as needed for precision LHC physics. We discuss recent results as they relate to the interplay of the attendant IR-improved DGLAP-CS theory of one of us and the precision of exact NLO matrix-element matched parton shower MC’s in the Herwig6.5 environment as determined by comparison to recent LHC experimental observations on single heavy gauge boson production and decay. The level of agreement between the new theory and the data continues to be a reason for optimism. In the spirit of completeness, we discuss as well other approaches to the same theoretical predictions that we make here from the standpoint of physical precision with an eye toward the (sub-)1% QCD⊗EW total theoretical precision regime for LHC physics.

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