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장서각전적 및 수집고문서 기초 연구

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The Purpose of This Project Categorizing materials belonged to AKS: ninety thousand of old books and six hundred thousand of old documents Training new researchers who are able to process and use the raw materials for Korean studies, Researching the old documents and old books collected by each family, public and private school, and Buddhist temples from Joseon dynasty for the comprehensible study of the old papers in the Joseon dynasty. Stimulating the interdisciplinary studies of the varied old documents among researchers from varied majors. Providing diverse contents for web services The Details of the Project 1. Categorizing the list of old documents (1) contents of the research : Providing a standard format in categorizing the list and index of old documents. general information : the title, collector, the date of collecting ․ taking a picture, the number of M.F basic information : arrangement, the title of the document, the year, the producer of the material(or editor), the receiver, the writer and a surety of the document bibliographical information : size, shape, conservation condition, the quality of paper, the type, seal, sign, bouncing and appendix (2) the procedure for research selecting the objects of research and then copying them - developing the format for categorizing them - making fundamental lists - making detailed lists - computerizing the lists- service through web 2. Bibliographical Explanation (1) contents : economics, rural communities, folks civil services, education, old books, personal album of writings, astronomy․calender, materials written by Korean Alphabet, oral-transmitted stories (2) methods selecting the objects of research and then copying them - making fundamental lists - (typing the text and translation) - making bibliographical explanation Outcomes from Each Field of Study 1. list Index of old documents 1. the first year of the project 1) making the format for each old document. 2) collecting old documents owned by the Museum of Land 3) the outcomes : categorizing and arranging the contents of 11,024 of old documents 2. the second year of the project 1) computerizing the materials owned by the Museum of Land, Gwangsan Kim family, Buan Kim family 2) processing the materials from the Museum of Land into the form of microfilm 3) categorizing the materials by the input device of old document invented by the Association of Old Documents 3. the third year of the project 1) the raw materials selected to be computerized : 2) reprocessing the materials arranged in the first year in the form of worksheet by the input device of old documents. 2. Bibliographical explanations of the collected documents(final outcomes) 1) economics : computerizing about 150,000 of statistical information in the form of Excel file; 2) rural communities : making bibliographical explanations of the materials related with commandments(?H_) village commandments(靈?H?H). 3) folk : making explanations of the folk-related old documents. 4) civil services : 1500 of old petitions from 23 families 5) education : 457 of old documents collected by public school from the Joseon dynasty. 6) old books : 141 of old books from Hamyang Pak Family living in Buyeo, 277 of old books from Ubok Jeong Family living in Sangju. 7) personal album of writings : albums of writings collected by Ubok principal family of Jinju Jeong, Naju Yim, Kim Yeong-han from Andon Kim, Goseong Yi, Uiseong Kim Family in Andong. 8) astronomy․calender : 174 of old books from Gyeongju Yi Family and other books collected by AKS. 9) materials written by Korean Alphabet : 320 of old stories and other old poems and essay 10) oral-transmitted stories : selected 7600 of tales from the Hankuk Kubi Munhak Daegy, which has a core pattern of the korean old storytelling.

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