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Euglenophyta České republiky se zřetelem na oblast jižních Čech a Šumavy

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  • Algologie
  • Bičíkovci (Botanika)
  • řasy
  • Krásnoočka
  • Jižní Čechy
  • Šumava
  • Algology
  • Euglenozoa
  • Algae
  • Euglenoids
  • South Bohemian Region
  • The Bohemian Forest


A list of photosynthetic euglenoids of the Czech Republic was made from works about algal flora of the Czech Republic and this list was confronted with similar works from the Slovak Republic, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Slovenia. Following the literature about algae from South Bohemia and the Bohemian Forest a checklist of photosynthetic euglenoids from this area was compiled. Data from this list were completed by my samples from this area. There were found 2 taxons new for the Czech Republic and 3 taxons new for South Bohemia and the Bohemia Forest.

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