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L'indexation à l'étranger. Résultats d'une enquête de Droit comparé

Revue économique
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DOI: 10.3406/reco.1955.407107


Monetary depreciation led France to recognize the validity of indexation broadly and to have recourse to it in very large way France is not the only one It is advisable to observe that if numerous countries admit the validity of indexation major part of them hardly practise it except in matter of wages because inflation has been of very little importance for fifteen years Such is especially the case of Anglo-Saxon countries Switzerland the Netherlands Uruguay On that account these countries cannot give us an useful exemple Finally among the countries which undervent an important inflation like France very few are tliose which validate an practise indexation Brazil Chilie Finland Austria Italy But we may at least ask ourselves to what extent the practice of indexa tion has not been one of the causes of inllation in those countries Actually the link between indexation and inflation seemed so real to some other countries that tendencies opposed to indexation have appeared recently Such are the cases of Greece Argentina and above all Germany It is even very symptomatic to point out that Germany is the country which had had the greatest experience of indexation after World War Indexation appeared there to be illusory and baneful and it is prohibited nowadays

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