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Proposal for a Council Directive on transportable pressure equipment. COM (96) 674 final, 8 January 1997

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN _COMMUNITIES I ·\ \~ ·---. ------ --- --- -r- Brussels, 08.01.1997 COM(96) 674 final 97/ 0011 (SYN) . Proposat for a· COUNCIL DIRECTIVE . . . on transport_able pressure equipment . . ·(presented by the, Commission) Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara . ,1. • EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM ' - A. General introduction l. This proposal has as its primary objective safety·i~ the. transport of tranSportable pressure · ·equipment. Although' the Council has already ensured, by· adoption of Directives 94/55/EC 1 and 96/49/EC2 , a sufficiently high level of safety. in the transport of dangerous goods - . includii1g.transportable pressure equipment- the aspect of free provision of transport services ·_ involving sucli equipment, including use and refilling,· is· not guaranteed. That is to· say,,. there are additiO!lfll national requirements which iinpede the free provision of !fansport . services for _such equipment, as. well as ·.its use; Tnese. restrictions are mainly due 'to the absence of a harmonised system for approvals for. such equipment at the time of periodic inspections in Use, and consequently to a lack of t,:ecognition of approvais and marks is~ued by inspectfng bodies. Thus, the approval attesting.the periodic:- inspection of the equipment · · as carried .out by a designated inspection body .in one lvfember State should be recognised. throughoutall Member States. This contrasts to the currenfsituation where, for example,_ gas cylinders transported froni country x to country y .and used may not be refilled in country y.and transported backagain to country x without being retested,)rispected and approved·in country y. _ . . . . Therefore, although by Council Directives 94/55/EC and96/49/EC great progn!ss has been made in harmonising tecl;mical provisions for the safe transport of transportable pressure

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