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Terrible Teletubbies?:Analysis of the British debate in the Spring and Summer of 1997 on a recent children's television programme

European Research Unit, Aalborg University
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  • Children'S Television
  • British Society
  • Ideals For Upbringing
  • Childhood
  • Teletubbies
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Political Science


Microsoft Word - 33_gram.doc European Studies Series of Occasional Papers, no. 33/2002 European Research Unit, Aalborg University Terrible Teletubbies? Analysis of the British debate in the Spring and Summer 1997 on a recent children´s television programme Malene Gram © Malene Gram & European Research Unit, 2002 ISSN 0906-0308 European Studies is a series featuring publications on European issues (cultural, communicative, economic, political), in a historical, contemporary and cross-cultural perspective. Further the series will comprise publications focussing on matters of interest to the history, structure and current development of the European community. European Studies is published by the European Research Unit in collaboration with the Institute for History, International and Social Studies at Aalborg University, Denmark. Requests and orders for issues can be made to the following address: European Research Unit Aalborg University Fibigerstraede 2 DK-9220 Aalborg O Denmark Phone: +45 96 35 71 95 Fax: +45 98 15 11 26 Email: [email protected] 1 Terrible Teletubbies? Analysis of the British debate in the Spring and Summer of 1997 on a recent children’s television programme by Malene Gram1 Abstract “Outraged mothers”, “Parents divided across the country”, “A surreal joke utterly devoid of constructive teaching”, “Goo-goo style”, “bad influence” are all extracts from articles from the Spring and Summer of 1997 where a fierce debate took place in the British media regarding a children’s television programme, Teletubbies. In this paper articles and letters to the editors regarding the programme are analysed. The articles and letters stem from a broad range of British national and local newspapers in the period from March till August 1997. The analysis seeks to reveal why Teletubbies could awaken so very strong feelings among journalists and parents. Particular interest is paid to descriptions of the

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